Cross-Browser Support

Ziggeo features cross-browser support so videos play across all browsers, devices and operating systems.

Browser Support

Ziggeo’s HTML video recorder and video player record and play across the following browsers:
  • Chrome (Desktop and Mobile) using HTML5 / WebRTC or WebRTC Streaming
  • Safari (Desktop and Mobile) using Flash or WebRTC Streaming
  • Firefox (Desktop and Mobile) using HTML5 / WebRTC or WebRTC Streaming
  • Opera (Desktop and Mobile) using HTML5 / WebRTC or WebRTC Streaming
  • Internet Explorer (at least version 8) using Flash
  • Edge (Desktop and Mobile) using HTML5

Devices and Operating Systems

Ziggeo supports the following devices / operating systems:
  • Mac OS
  • Microsoft Windows (at least Windows XP)
  • Linux (e.g. Ubuntu)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android (at least version 4.0)
  • Other Systems (any system that supports Flash, WebRTC or WebRTC Streaming would be supported by our system such as ChromeOS, Fedora, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all features supported on all browsers?
Our system is designed in such way that we offer things in a same or as close manner as possible regardless of the system or browser used. For all modern browsers, all features are equally available, unless the browser vendor does not provide some specific capability. For older versions of browsers it is just not possible to bring all new features, however if it was working at one point it will be working now as well as we leave the support for it.
How does support for browsers and system work cross revisions of Ziggeo's SDKs?
Every revision is an iteration of our service. This means that higher the revision, more features are included within it. Also as new browsers come out we make updates to account for the changes made. So your best bet is to always use the latest revision available. Of course if you want to provide support for some specific - older versions of browsers only you can check out and use our older revisions as well. We leave all of our revisions available for anyone to use at any time. * Note to be given that latest revisions also include latest security patches, while older ones do not.
Is browser or device support limited by plan?
All of the devices and browsers we support are supported regardless of the plan someone is on.