Cartoon Effect

How do you turn your videos into fun cartoons? Ziggeo can automatically cartoonize your videos with a one-click button with its automatic Video Effect Converter.

What’s the Cartoon effect?

The Cartoon effect is an Instagram-like video filter that transforms videos into cartoon-like videos.
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Benefits of the Cartoon Filter
  • The cartoon filter is an entertaining way to have fun with videos.
  • Cartoon effects hide someone’s appearance so if they’re shy about being featured — or want to hide, these cartoon filters are certainly effective.
  • Cartoon filters create a whole new video art form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the video filter be applied to any video?
Yes. You would just need to set the filter up once in your dashboard and start uploading the videos. As you do they will have the effect applied on them without any further action from you.
Can we apply same effect on longer videos?
The example above is set to 10 seconds only for demonstration purposes. You would experience the same with longer videos.
Will you be adding more video effects?
We are always looking to expend our features. As such we welcome feedback as well as new feature requests. You can see existing and add your own on our feedback page.