Charcoal Sketch Effect

Give plain and boring videos a new twist by converting them into living charcoal sketches. Simply using Ziggeo's automatic Video Effect Converter.

What’s the Charcoal effect?

The Charcoal effect is an Instagram-like video filter that transforms videos into charcoal sketch-like videos.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can this be set up for my videos?
You would set up once and then it will be applied for you automatically. The way to set it up would be through our Effect Profiles and you can see more on how-to here.
Do you have any other video filters we can utilize?
Yes, we have several different filters you can use actually. You can find them on our filter effects page.
I would like to see Filter X added
Sounds good. Let us know what filter you would like to see and an example of the same on our feedback page. We use that as our feature requests section allowing you to raise it up and have others upvote it.