Custom Domains

A custom domain lets you map a public video url to your own domain so Ziggeo becomes white-labeled solution.

Introduction to Custom Domains

We’ve made it easy to configure a custom domain for video pages hosted on Ziggeo. That way, urls that include your videos are white-labeled and Ziggeo won’t appear in the url.


What’s the difference between a normal domain and a custom domain?
  • A Ziggeo video page reads as follows:
  • Custom domains read as follows:

How to Configure a Custom Domain

  • Go to your dashboard, select Manage and Go to Custom SubDomains. Add your custom domain to the list.
  • Make sure to update the CNAME entry of the domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use custom domains with my webhost?
If you have the ability to edit your DNS settings (you should) then you can change it regardless of your hosting. You might need to contact them for assistance if you are not sure how to make such changes.
Does this work with HTTPS pages?
Not for now and you might get a security warning from your browser if you tried to set it up over HTTPS.
Who is this for?
Anyone that wants to make it so that hosted pages appear as coming from their website. For best experience for your customers we recommend to add Ziggeo into your pages, giving you much more configuration options. If implemented directly there are also other benefits such as using it behind login pages.