Dropbox Integration

Push recorded videos automatically to your Dropbox account.

Auto-Push Videos to Dropbox

Autopush videos to your Dropbox account. That will allow you to:
  • Keep all recorded videos together in your Dropbox account
  • Sync videos to your devices

Manual-Push Videos to Dropbox

  • Go to your application management.
  • Select Video Push Service.
  • Authenticate your Dropbox account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to pushing to Dropbox?
The only requirement is to have Dropbox and Ziggeo account. You would need to create the integration for first time (just few clicks) and then all is set up for you and used every time new video comes in.
Do I have to to save my videos to Dropbox?
You are welcome to, however you are not required to. Some of our customers use it as often such services are already part of your system and team inner working processes. If you are not limited in such manner, you will be able to better utilize our features including the dashboard.
Is there a difference in hosting videos on Dropbox instead of your service?
If you are referring to pricing - there is. Pricing wise we only charge for original stream. The additional streams created through video profiles and effect profiles are not charged for storage. On the other hand if you move them over to Dropbox they will all affect your storage size and might add some cost your way over time. Additionally to that, many things offered from our system are tailored to provide you great experience, or some forms of security. Dropbox is a service designed for file storage not for video playback. There are also some features that would no longer be available for the videos you try to play from Dropbox, such as our auth tokens and alike; which require our server architecture to be present.