Face Outline

The face outline serves as a guide for how to position your head while recording a video.

What is a face outline?

A face outline is an outline of a face that appears while videos are being recorded to indicate how a face should be positioned.

Here's a sample as to how a face outline could look

Face Outline

Ideal for

  • Capturing video profiles so faces are positioned similarly for a uniform look once displayed all together.
  • Guiding the person recording a video so he/she is more confident of his/her positioning.


  • No additional charge to activate a face outline; it comes with every Ziggeo Plan
  • Outline of face can be changed if you'd prefer more of a closeup or more body.
  • No face outlines need appear -- in fact, outlines are not part of the default settings so they need to be activated.

How do you activate a face outline?

Use the following code:

  <ziggeo ziggeo-face_outline></ziggeo>