Integration with Google Analytics

Our integration with Google Analytics allows you to the track all video events within your Google Analytics account.


If you are already tracking your website visits using Google Analytics, tracking all your video playbacks, recordings and uploads is easy. Just add the following configuration to your Ziggeo header:
new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({
  google_analytics: true

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Ziggeo's analytics and Google Analytics
Yes. Google Analytics will grab various details about people on your pages. The interaction with video is just small part of it. Now our analytics are done differently. We do not really listen to what people are doing on your pages, we are only watching what is happening related to the video. This makes our analytics better if you are interested in your media related info, while Google Analytics can help with overall page experience.
Can I use Google Analytics and Ziggeo's Analytics?
Yes! That would allow you to track different actions on your website and then complete them with the additional media related information
Can we retrieve Google Analytics data through Ziggeo's API?
You can grab the information from our analytics through the use of our API. For grabbing Google Analytics data we would suggest grabbing it through Google Analytics API instead.