Google Drive Integration

Push recorded videos automatically to your Google Drive account.

Pushing Videos to Google Drive

Autopush pushes each and every newly recorded video to your Google Drive account. That way, you can keep all recorded videos in your Google Drive account and sync to your devices.

How It Works

  • Go to your application management.
  • Select Video Push Service.
  • Authenticate your Google Drive account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google account required for this integration to work?
Yes and no. Yes, it is required for the person setting the integration up. Anyone recording or uploading videos through your Ziggeo recorder will not need to be logged in nor even have Google account of any kind.
When does authentication happen?
Authentication is happening after logging into your Ziggeo account. As you do, you will be able to connect your Ziggeo account with your Google Drive. This is done by exchanging secret tokens and all happens in very secure manner. Some parts of this authorization are only shown to you and some are only shared with us and you confirm to both sides that you do have access to the given Google Drive.
Do you have more in depth instructions to connect with Google Drive?
Yes of course. You can see more about this in our docs.