High Definition (HD Videos)

You can use Ziggeo to record videos in HD (high definition). And with our video recorder, you can upload custom HD videos as well.

In addition to SD videos, you'll also be able to record and upload HD videos.

Sample HD Video

Recording/Uploading of HD videos

  • HD videos can be recorded via Ziggeo's embeddable video recorder
  • existing HD videos can be uploaded via our embeddings as well

HD Player

  • HD videos are transcoded across all formats/devices so they can be played everywhere

Here's how you can enable HD videos

  • Simply add the desired resolution (i.e., for 720p it would be 1280x720) to your recorder configuration using recording_width and recording_height.
  • You can additionally transcode your videos to lower resolutions by adding a video profile in the management settings of your application.

Upgraded Plans

You may need to upgrade your Ziggeo plan to one that supports HD video recording / playback. See Pricing.

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