Keyword Extraction

By automatically tagging videos with keywords (generated from our automatic audio transcription), videos themselves become searchable. That is, we transcribe the audio version of the video into text and use that text to generate keywords that then become searchable. This enables you to categorize recorded videos automatically without even needing to watch them.

Why make your videos searchable?

Ziggeo understands the importance of having your videos found. As such, we’ve made your videos searchable.
  • SEO: videos that are automatically tagged are more easily found by Google and other search engines (if you decide to make them public)
  • Search within private platforms: platforms can use this automatic keyword generation so videos within the platform can be easily searched and found. Ideal use cases include survey sites or platforms that want to aggregate data from videos (e.g. number and list of videos in which someone referred to a particular place) — or to find individual videos by searching for particular keywords.


Consider this example video: Here, the automatic audio transcription would yield:

I’m Elise and I’m a bit of a coffee snob some usually found in fancy coffee shops or out of the park with my dog.

Obviously, this is not perfect. The automatic keyword extraction would select the following significant keywords: coffee, shops, fancy

How does it work?

  • Manage your application on Ziggeo and create a new meta profile.
  • Apply this meta profile to your video recorder’s by adding the meta-profile parameter.
  • Videos tagged with this meta profile are now automatically tagged after being recorded.
Automatic Keyword Extraction Process
  1. Ziggeo transcribes the audio from the video into text
  2. Ziggeo assigns quality scores to different keywords
    • Grooming, hair styles, clothing, makeup: Your company culture will dictate what kind of candidate could fit in. Caveat: look beyond what is typically expected — you want to make sure you hire a diverse and inclusive work force for the highest performance.
  3. Ziggeo presents those words with a high confidence rating as keywords
    • Note: You are able to access the raw data being extracted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan is this feature available for?
We always recommend checking out our pricing page as it contains an always up to date information about all of our features.
Can we retrieve the keywords data at any point in time?
Yes! Every time our system creates the keywords for your media, it will attach it into your existing video data. This makes it possible and quite easy for you to retrieve from client side as well as from the server side.
How does it detect keywords out of all spoken text?
Our system will grab all of the text that is spoken. It will then analyze the same to detect what seems to be talked about most and see that as keywords. This makes it possible for you to get few very relevant keywords from your media.