Video Recorder in other Languages

Ziggeo's video recorder and player is available in many other languages than just English.

Introduction to Languages / Translations

We want to make sure that our recorder and player seamlessly fit into any site or platform, regardless of the site’s language. As such, instructions on how to e.g. record a video can be found in a number of languages. Read more below

English as default language

Why English? We have found English to be one of the most widely adopted languages in the world (and since one of the co-founders is American), we decided to make English the default language. We realize English is not the only spoken language so we wanted to provide translations for other languages as well.

Other supported languages

We currently support the following other languages:
  • Arabic – shortcode: ar
  • Azerbaijani – shortcode: az
  • Bulgarian – shortcode: bg
  • Catalan – shortcode: cat
  • Croatian – shortcode: hr
  • Danish – shortcode: da
  • Dutch – shortcode: nl
  • Finnish – shortcode: fi
  • French – shortcode: fr
  • German – shortcode: de
  • Hindi – shortcode: hi
  • Hungarian – shortcode: hu
  • Indonesian – shortcode: id
  • Italian – shortcode: it
  • Norwegian – shortcode: no
  • Polish – shortcode: pl
  • Portuguese – shortcode: pt
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – shortcode: pt-br
  • Romanian – shortcode: ro
  • Russian – shortcode: ru
  • Serbian – shortcode: sr
  • Spanish – shortcode: es
  • Slovak – shortcode: sk
  • Swedish – shortcode: sv
  • Tagalog – shortcode: tl
  • Turkish – shortcode: tr
  • Chinese (China) – shortcode: zh-cn
  • Chinese (Taiwan) – shortcode: zh-cn
  • Ukranian – shortcode: uk
  • Czech – shortcode: cs
  • Japanese – shortcode: ja
  • Macedonian – shortcode: mk
  • Slovenian – shortcode: sl
  • Greek – shortcode: el

Switch to other language

In order to switch the recorder / player to a different language, please use the short codes mentioned above and the following line to your website:

Your language is not mentioned here?

Please send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you add a language that is missing?
We often do, so do send us an email about this if you did not already.
Can we change parts of the translation?
Yes you can! We have designed our translations in such way that you can easily change one or more strings shown to your customers to any way you like it.