Video Playlists

Ziggeo's award-winning video player supports video playlists.

Ziggeo supports video playlists:
  • An entire list of videos can automatically be played back-to-back
  • No limitations on the number of videos played
  • No limitations on the length of videos played
  • No limitations whatsoever

Sample Code

Here’s sample code you can use to enable playlists:
<ziggeoplayer ziggeo-playlist="token1,token2"></ziggeoplayer>

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the playlist parameter filled out?
It is expected as a comma separated list of video tokens or keys, you can even combine the two. So just adding "video_token_1, video_token_2" would work as long as the tokens are within the same application.
Will the end user need to switch to another video?
Our system is designed to move from one video to another as the first one ends. So let's say that you are on first video. It reaches its end and at that time, it will automatically start playing back the next video.
Can we loop through all the videos from end to start?
By default the video playback will stop once it reaches the end of the playlist. Of course, we do have the parameter that you can set on your player to make it loop from the start again. To do that, you would just add loopall parameter to your player.