Automatic Media Push Service

Automatically push newly recorded / uploaded videos to your FTP server, S3 bucket, Box, or Dropbox.

What is Autopush?

Autopush pushes each newly recorded video to the storage system of your choice. Videos can be pushed from:
  • Ziggeo’s HTML5 video recorder (recorded or uploaded)
  • Through Ziggeo’s video SDKs for iOS or Android
Videos can be autopushed to:
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • FTP Site
  • S3 Bucket

How Autopush Works

  • Go to your application management.
  • Scroll to Video Push Service.
  • Add your FTP / S3 / Dropbox / Box / Google Drive credentials.
Our system will then push every newly recorded video to your storage systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called autopush?
We call it autopush because we want to point out that this feature can be used in two different ways. First is to have the automatically pushed to the service of your choosing every time new video comes in. Sounds great right. Now we also wanted to make it possible for you to push the videos at any other point in time. We call that manually pushing the videos - manual push.
Will you be adding more services?
Of course. We are adding services to push (or auto push) to per our customers feedback. Want your favorite service to be added? Sounds good with us, just let us know over our feedback page. You can also check out if any of our integrations might already offer this. For example we have Zapier integration that can connect your Ziggeo account with many additional services.
Do all streams get pushed or can I choose which ones go?
You are, as always, in complete control. While setting up the autopush service you will be able to choose which videos (video streams) will be sent to your selected service.
Do we need to re-visit settings and how often?
This is pretty much set and forget. Set it once and change it only if you want to. If you do not, it will work day in and day out without any action needed from your side.