You set whether or not re-recording is allowed and how many re-recordings are allowed -- it's all configurable on Ziggeo.

Intro to Re-recording

Can videos be re-recorded? The answer is: it’s completely up to you. You can configure re-recording as you like. Read more below.

It’s All Configurable

Ziggeo lets you configure:
  • Whether or not people may re-record videos
  • The number of re-records you allow

Configuring Re-recordings

  • Allow e.g. 5 (re-)recordings
<ziggeoplayer ziggeo-recordings="5"></ziggeoplayer>
  • Forbid re-recording
<ziggeoplayer ziggeo-recordings="1"></ziggeoplayer>

Frequently Asked Questions

How does setting 1 rerecording disable it?
Good question. The re-reocording is just like any other recording and you will always have 1 of those before you can re-record. Now if we set it as recordings="1" this means that we allow that 1 recording. Once you do that 1 recording, it is as if that number is set to zero and no further recording is possible.
Is there a way we can set unlimited re-recordings?
Yes! By default our system is set to offer unlimited recordings (or re-recordings if you will). If you wanted to set this up manually as well, you can do so by setting the value to 0. recordings="0".
What is difference then between recording and re-recording when someone can just refresh the page?
Another great question. Many of our customers have a way of creating specific tag when the page is loaded. This is definitely not important for everyone, however might be for you. This tag is added into the video. So if they refresh the page, often the ability to record a new one is not presented. They are either moved to next page or they are initialized with a new recorder, so our customer knows they refreshed the page. This is completely up to you, however if you refresh, this is a new session. If you do not, well then the re-recording limit is imposed.