S3 Integration

Push recorded videos automatically to your S3 bucket.

Push Videos to S3

Autopush videos to your S3 bucket. That will allow you to:
  • Keep all recorded videos together on your AWS deployment.

How It Works

  • Go to your application management.
  • Select Video Push Service.
  • Add your S3 account details

Frequently Asked Questions

Does S3 bucket region matter?
Our system will push out the media to your S3 bucket regardless of what region it is. So for our system it does not matter where your S3 is located.
Can I push media to different S3 buckets?
Yes. You can push same media to multiple locations and you can also set it up so that some videos go to one S3 bucket and others into other S3 bucket. For the later one, it would be best to use our server side SDKs allowing you to easily listen for our webhooks and in the same time to push videos to different locations per any preference you might decide upon.
Is autopush activated right away or is there a delay?
Autopush fires as soon as the stream you have selected to be pushed is ready. You might experience a slight delay between notification between our system sending you information that it is sent and S3 bucket reporting you that it is present. This is happening as per AWS S3 availability report where - due to architecture - it might take a bit time before all things propagate properly.