Server SDKs

Ziggeo has integrated with thousands of platforms -- and such third party sites as Heroku, WordPress, Gravity Forms, FormAssembly SquareSpace, Bubble, and Stamplay.

We provide following server-side sdks.

Your server-side language is not mentioned here?

Please send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you plan to support additional server side languages?
Yes! We listen to our customers feedback and add support when possible per same. Create your own request here:
How often do you update your SDKs?
Our SDKs are updated at different times, mostly based on requirements. Any time when we extend our server side API we also update our SDKs to support those new endpoints. If any of our customers reports something not working under their specific use case, we then look into it and update where required. Another reason for update would be if we need to address something based on the latest updates in some package, dependency or alike.
Is there any API limit based on my plan?
We always suggest looking at our pricing page for the most up to date information on any limits per plan. Currently we do not have any plans of adding any limits on the API calls through our frontend API nor serverside API.