Sketch Effect

Ziggeo's Video Effect Converter can automatically give your videos a video sketch effect -- any plain or drab video is magically transformed into a living video sketch.

What’s the Sketch video effect?

The Sketch effect is an Instagram-like video filter that transforms videos into sketch-like videos.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply this video filter to any video?
Yes, as long as the video is in your account, you can apply the effect through dashboard or through our API - completely up to you.
How to get started using it?
To start using this, you would need to set up effect profile. Once you do, referencing the effect profile in the recorder will tell our system to apply the same to your videos. Might sound like there is something complex waiting on you under that "create and reference" however the reality is quite the opposite. You would create the effect profile just once and add reference only once, and all steps are nicely explained in our docs.
I can not choose between this and another filter effect you have. How to make the choice?
Why make a choice at all? Why when you can have both! Just set up your effect profile to include both profiles in the same time and enjoy having your single video be created with 2 (or more) effect profiles. Have any questions about the setup - reach out to our friendly support team.