Fine Grained Permissions

Ziggeo lets you set fine-grained permissions so you can limit access to videos as you like.


  • Give video access to certain individuals
  • Give access only to certain videos
  • Access can be configured in terms of re-recording, recording, playback and deletion

How it works

  • Your server create a unique cryptographic token using our SDK
  • This token can be created without interaction with our servers
  • The cryptographic token is passed on to the client
  • The client passes the token(s) on to our servers for verification
  • Tokens allow you to grant permission to certain videos and to certain actions on those videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fine grained permissions added to our Ziggeo account?
The fine grained permissions you have read about above are available through our auth token system. The same can be easily added to your embeddings and API calls at any point in time.
Can we use auth tokens "on-fly"?
Yes. Our auth token system is designed in such a way that it allows you to easily create auth tokens in any way that works best for you. This includes creating them by contacting our servers and without contacting our servers.
Do I need to know how to code to use this?
Our goal is to provide you with the ability to customize things as much as you want through your code. In the same time we want to make it possible for you to just copy paste the codes into your own pages and have it running. This is also possible to use without knowing any codes. You can at any point create the auth tokens through your account. We also have sandbox to help you design your auth tokens.