Video Recording Timer

Set maximum and minimum recording time limits on videos with Ziggeo.

Setting Video Recording Time Limits

Ziggeo lets you set time limits on video recording. That means that videos you request may be no longer than the recording limit you set.

  • Videos recorded using Ziggeo's recorder can be set to any maximum recording time (e.g. 2 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 minutes)
  • You do not need to set a maximum recording time; you can have unlimited recording time via Ziggeo
  • You can additionally set a minimum time limit


What are the benefits to setting a time limit?

  • Shorter videos are more watched than longer videos
  • You don't need to edit as much (if at all) with set recording time limits
  • People tend to self-edit more when a maximum recording time is set so you tend to get higher quality content videos

Ideal Maximum Recording Time

What’s the ideal maximum recording time? It depends. There are 2 reasons video is recorded:

  • For an impression (in which case a few seconds may be good enough)
  • For information (in which case longer could be better)
  • Either way, although we haven't conducted an official study, we have heard from clients that videos fewer than 20 seconds get watched more than videos 20+ seconds long


How does the maximum recording time work with uploading?

  • If you set a maximum recording time, videos that are uploaded will be cut off at the maximum time limit you've set
  • The person uploading the video will be notified their video has exceeded the maximum recording time limit -- and is given an opportunity to upload a shorter video.

How do you set the maximum video recording time?

Here is a time limit of 20 seconds:

					 <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-timelimit=20>