Video Thumbnail

Ziggeo supports the selection of a video thumbnail.

Picking a thumbnail

After a recording is done, the recorder can present the user with different cover shots from the video for the user to select. Additionally, you can configure the recorder to allow the user to upload a custom cover shot as well. Screenshot of the Ziggeo's Snapshot Gallery shown after recording or uploading of video

What is a video thumbnail?

A video thumbnail is a cover shot of a video. It helps:
  • Market a video: A video thumbnail is to a video as a book cover is to a book
  • Market yourself: If you are applying to a position, you want your best self to shine through — the video thumbnail is the window onto you
  • Make videos easily searchable: If you have a library of videos, a video thumbnail is an easy way to identify videos and locate a particular video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between thumbnail and poster?
Actually they are one and the same. Some people are more familiar with term "video thumbnails" while others are more familiar with "video poster". Both mean the same - the image that is shown for your video before the playback starts.
Can selection of video thumbnail be disabled for end user?
Yes. Our system shows a gallery by default however you can disable the same at any point in time with a simple option.
What happens when video thumbnails are disabled for selection?
Our system will still generate the thumbnail. The difference is that it will not show it to the end user to select and instead it will make it automatically.