Visual Analysis – Computer Vision

Want to find particular videos or know what's in a video without watching it? Ziggeo has incorporated computer vision.

How is computer vision / visual analysis helpful

  • By automatically tagging videos with content from visuals, videos themselves become searchable.
  • Find out what’s in a video without watching it.
  • Keywords generated from visuals lets you find the ones you’re looking for and which are worth watching.
  • Identifies what’s safe for work (and not safe work)
  • Ziggeo’s visual analysis can extract videos that contain e.g. nudity
  • Categorizes the content of videos
  • Facilitates content moderation


Consider this example Here, the visual analysis of the first second would yield the following keywords: library, adult, indoors, shelf, education, people, woman

How does it work?

  • Manage your application on Ziggeo and create a new meta profile.
  • Apply this meta profile to your video recorder’s by adding the meta-profile parameter.
  • Videos tagged with this meta profile are now automatically visually analyzed and tagged.