Video Bug / Watermark

A video bug is mark (perhaps a logo) that marks a video with your branding. It's that little logo you see at the bottom of a TV program or video.

Attaching video bugs

With Ziggeo, it’s simple to automatically attach a bug to videos. Here’s how you do it:
  • Go to your Ziggeo management dashboard
  • Create an effect profile with the watermark effect
  • Attach your image file and position it on the video frame
Your video(s) will then automatically be transformed with whichever video effect you’ve selected. Your original videos will all be saved to your dashboard so feel free to experiment.

Benefits of Attaching Bugs

By attaching branding to videos (or video bugs), videos launched to YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites, can carry your branding with them.


Consider this example video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to upload image of specific size to be able to use it as watermark?
You can upload image that is already set in the exact size you would like to use it, however that is not a requirement. We actually recommend adding a bit higher resolution image that you can re-scale using the options in our dashboard instead. That should result in a bit better output of your image.
Do you support transparent images for video bugs?
Yes, we do support transparent watermarks.
Can watermarks be added to few hour long videos?
Yes! Our system allows you to set the watermark you would like to use and then would apply it to all needed videos, regardless of their resolution or length.
Can we allow our customers to add watermark and video at the same time on our form and have them applied together?
Yes, we have few customers offering just the same. The trick is to use our server side SDK to create the watermark effect. Then once created you would have the token of both video and the effect profile and you can use the same to apply the effect onto the video. This can be done on the new video as well as on existing videos.