AWS S3 Integration

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Why S3?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 service is a file storage service. The full name is Amazon Simple Storage Service (hence Amazon S3) and is a file storage designed around scalability.

It offers great performance and availability as well as security measures to make your data safe yet quickly going in and out per your own setup.

The service has been used and is in use by small and large companies for so many different use cases. Be it data backup, the actual use for your website or service, IoT devices or anything else that can reach AWS, this is a storage many go for.

Ziggeo integrates with AWS allowing you to quickly and easily push media as it comes into your application to your AWS S3.

How to set up?

We made it so that you only need a brief moment to set it all up. The way you would do it is described on our documentation pages for AWS S3 push service.