Bubble's Ziggeo Integration

Bubble is a general-purpose visual framework for creating web and mobile apps, using Ziggeo for video recording and playback.

About Bubble

Bubble lets you design your application by dragging and dropping elements and program it with workflows.

Bubble plugin [the original]

Bubble team made an awesome code less system and then decided to add Ziggeo to it. To do that they constructed the first Ziggeo plugin on Bubble system. The plugin is free and can be easily used in any Bubble app you create.

“We made it super easy to support video creating on your site by integrating Ziggeo as a plugin on Bubble. You can now enable your users to record, upload, and playback videos, in order to share their stories. All of that is possible without writing any code, thanks to Bubble’s visual interface.”


Additional plugins supporting Ziggeo

Original Bubble plugin offers the features that most people wanted to have, however there was a need for additional features offered by Ziggeo to be included. With the release of Bubble’s third party plugins support this was answered by several developers listed bellow.

Advanced Ziggeo Plugin

This Bubble plugin is created by BeCodeFree. Their plugin is designed to offer the latest codes from our service. The plugin is offered with a monthly fee

Comprehensive Ziggeo Plugin

This Bubble plugin is created by Chris Neat. His plugin is built to provide you all the features that are offered by our sevice. It is offered with a montly fee or with one time payment depending on your own preference.

Setup on Bubble

If you want to see more about the setup, we recommend heading to our documentation. You can find more info on the Bubble plugins and setup here.