Ziggeo’s Embed.ly Integration

Ziggeo's award winning API has now fully integrated with Embed.ly

Why Embed.ly?

Embed.ly is created to offer you a single integration that allows you to showcase many others. Instead of using time to create integrations to hundreds of different services, Embed.ly does that and you just add Embed.ly. This makes it a perfect and easy to use way to show rich media on your website. The rich media can be anything from images, polls, slideshows, music, gifs as well as audio and video.

Adding Ziggeo through Embed.ly

Wherever Embed.ly is used, you can now automatically embed Ziggeo’s embeddings as well. For you this means that you can quickly add your Ziggeo media to any website that utilizes Embed.ly. Your rich media embeds, just got richer! If you need more details you can see more in our Embed.ly integration docs.