Last Edited: 2021-08-28 This page is created to help you find all of our policies and otherwise important information in one place.

Certifications and Compliance

SOC2 Certified: https://ziggeo.com/soc2/ GDPR Compliant: https://ziggeo.com/gdpr/ HIPAA Compliant: https://ziggeo.com/hipaa/ PCI Compliant: https://ziggeo.com/pci/ CCPA Compliant: https://ziggeo.com/ccpa/


Privacy Policy: https://ziggeo.com/privacy/ Cookie Policy: https://ziggeo.com/cookies/ Acceptable Use Policy: https://ziggeo.com/aup/ Terms Of Service: https://ziggeo.com/terms/ Service Level Agreement: https://ziggeo.com/sla/ DMCA Copyright Policy: https://ziggeo.com/dmca/ Privacy Shield: https://ziggeo.com/privacyshield/

Additional Documents

Code of Ethics: https://ziggeo.com/code-of-ethics/ Need something else or more details? Reach out to our support at support@ziggeo.com and let us know.