Sanboxes are a great way to usually click through and have the code created for you.

Configuration Sandbox

By going to our configuration sandbox you can quickly and easily get to see what kind of player or recorder you might want to have. It will help you set up everything with just the use of your mouse. Once you are ready, you can simply flip the switch from Settings to Code and see the code that you should copy and paste to your website. Enough of that, head over here to test it out for yourself.

Server Side Code Sandbox

Many things happen in the browser however some things happen on your website – the backend. This sandbox helps you quickly see the code you would need to create the videowall through different server side SDKs. You can check it out here.

Auth Tokens Sandbox

Auth tokens are a great way to further lock down your system. Of course there is that thing about quickly creating something complex just so you can test it out. Well this sandbox makes it easy even if you are not a developer. All you need is a good mouse to poke few options and the code for auth token is created per your spec. You can see the auth token sandbox on this link.

Webhooks Sandbox

Webhooks are an awesome way of having your server quickly notified as something happens. For example new video just came in, and you want to know about it. That is quite easy with the webook. Now if you are not too familiar with the code or you might not be sure what webhooks are, this sandbox will help you get the code you would need to capture various data. Just click through and check it out on the following page.
Want more sandboxes or have some questions for us? Please reach out to our great support team at with your questions or details and we would be happy to assist you with the same.