Open Source Recruiting Tool

Ziggeo's open source recruiting tool lets candidates record and submit videos directly for employers' review.

It lets candidates record and directly submit videos of themselves to potential employers. It was used by Seth Godin in recruiting summer interns and developed in conjunction with Union Square Ventures for their analyst recruitment process.

Why use Ziggeo's Video Recruiting Tool? In integrating our recruiting tool into your site or platform, recruiters or employers have more flexibility to customize the recruiting process as they like. And it will cost a fraction of what they'd normally pay for any existing recruitment platforms.

The Application Screen

Here's how it works

  • Candidates provide their name and email address
  • Each candidate records and submits videos answering your questions; the existing tool calls for two videos per candidate (each addressing one question); you can customize it for candidates to include one or more videos.
  • Questions may include why you want to have a particular job and/or work at the company -- and/or reflect a core value of the company.
  • Videos can be viewed, shared and evaluated by multiple individuals
  • Candidates can link to LinkedIn and/or other social sharing sites.
  • Candidates can upload their CV.

The Dashboard

You can host the tool on any server that supports Python and MongoDB. If you happen to be a Heroku user, you can directly deploy the tool using this button.

You can find more information on Ziggeo's recruiting tool here: