Open Source Recruiting Tool

Ziggeo's open source recruiting tool lets candidates record and submit videos directly for employers' review.

Why Use Ziggeo’s Recruiting Tool

  • Candidates can easily record videos
    • Videos can be recorded right from any mobile device or computer.
  • Employers can easily view videos from any mobile phone or computer
    • It saves employers’ time
  • It gives all candidates in effect a first round of interview
    • Candidates all answer the same questions on video
    • Everyone is on the same playing field
  • Surprising results
    • Employers ended up hiring candidates who would have previously been screened out based on their resumes and cover letters
    • Candidates hired may have lacked credentials but made up for them based on video interviews
  • Customizable Recruitment Process
    • Make your recruitment process as flexible as you like
  • Less Expensive than Recruitment Platforms
    • Ziggeo’s open source recruiting tool costs a fraction of what existing recruitment platforms cost.

How The Recruiting Tool Works

  • Candidates provide their name and email address
  • Each candidate records and submits videos answering your questions; the existing tool calls for two videos per candidate (each addressing one question); you can customize it for candidates to include one or more videos.
  • Questions may include why you want to have a particular job and/or work at the company — and/or reflect a core value of the company.
  • Videos can be viewed, shared and evaluated by multiple individuals
  • Candidates can link to LinkedIn and/or other social sharing sites.
  • Candidates can upload their CV.


1. Sample Dashboard Preview of Ziggeo's Applicant Tracking system dashboard 2. Sample Recording Screen Preview of how the video recording looks with Ziggeos v1 recorder

Hosting Recruitment Tool

You can host the tool on any server that supports:
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku
    • If you happen to be a Heroku user, you can directly deploy the tool using this button: Deploy
You can find more information on Ziggeo’s recruiting tool here:

Recruitment Tool History

Development History:
  • This open source recruitment tool was developed in conjunction with Union Square Ventures for their analyst recruitment process
  • Used by bestselling author Seth Godin for recruiting and selecting summer interns