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#1 Video Technology For Crowdfunding Platforms / Apps

Why do leading crowdfunding platforms turn to Ziggeo to power videos? Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Ziggeo is easy to integrate — 2 lines of code is all it takes to install a video recorder and player
  2. Videos can be easily recorded and played across all devices and browsers. We even support mobile WebRTC.
  3. Our technology is flexible enough to to accommodate any use case. Think e.g. recording videos when campaigns are launched, for video updates, as special video tributes to fans, etc.
  4. Our technology is best in class and maintained accordingly.
  5. The largest crowdfunding platforms have chosen to use Ziggeo to power their videos.

To find out more about Ziggeo’s video recording and playback APIs and mobile SDKs, visit ziggeo.com

Interesting Features
  1. Token System
  2. Browser Support
  3. Content Delivery Network
  4. S3 Integration
  5. Cordova Integration

Web ziggeo.com · Twitter @ziggeo · Facebook Ziggeo

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