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Heads of Product For Recruitment Platforms Surprised By Success Of Video Feature

Heads of Product for job sites are discovering video has become a favorite feature.

Top job platforms are enabling a feature that lets candidates record videos for employers to see. It turns out many employers are turning to those videos first, before even looking at a candidate’s resume. Here’s why:

  1. In just a few seconds of watching a video, employers instantly know if an employee may be a fit.
  2. Videos let employers level the playing field so they are not just inviting in for an interview candidates from Ive League universities.
  3. It’s much more fun to watch a video than comb through resumes.

With video APIs and mobile SDKs, videos can be recorded from any device, anywhere in the world — and submitted directly as part of any application.

If you have any questions on how to enable the recording of candidate videos, you can contact support@ziggeo.com

Interesting Features

  1. Keyword Extraction
  2. Regions
  3. Audio Normalization
  4. Lucis Art
  5. Video Recorder Themes

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