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Child Care Platforms Turn to Video

Of all the potential hires in the world, finding someone to care for your children ranks highest. Turns out: video can be the first line of defense. Here’s why:

  1. You want to make sure that anyone who enters your home — even to just meet you and your kids — is trustworthy. Just a few seconds of watching recorded video can tell a lot about the person you’re inviting in.
  2. Of the hundreds or even thousands of nannies/au pairs out there — with resumes that seem eerily similar, it’s almost impossible to discern which candidates may be the best fit for your family. By watching someone’s video, you can get an extremely helpful instant impression.
  3. Hiring a nanny is not a one way street. Platforms are asking families to record videos to introduce themselves to their future caregiver.

How can childcare platforms easily integrate video? Ziggeo’s technology makes it super simple to record and play videos across all browsers and devices, anywhere in the world.

Check out Ziggeo here.

Interesting Features

  1. Filter Effects
  2. Playlists
  3. Android SDK
  4. Google Drive Integration
  5. DropBox Integration

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