Surveys Capture Emotions Via Videos

Emotions are a new kind of data captured by surveys. How is that possible? On video.

Surveys are integrating video technology to make us easy for respondents to record and submit videos as part of surveys.

Ziggeo, the leading video technology provider, understands that video can capture data such as emotions, gestures, expressions that previously were unattainable in traditional text-based surveys.

Susan Danziger, the founder of Ziggeo, explains “video provides a completely new dimension to surveys — reactions, expressions, enthusiasm — they’re all uncovered with video.”

In fact, videos captured using Ziggeo’s technology can automatically analyze and categorize the type of emotion generated.

Ziggeo also captures “behavioral data” — data that comes from interacting with video (e.g. how many times was a video re-recorded and played?).

These new types of data through video can enhance the results of any survey — giving nuances and insights never before possible.

Author: ZiggeoPublished on: 12/06/2018

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