Has Video Recording Become The New Test Proctor?

With so many more exams being taken on-line now, how can examiners ensure no one is cheating?

A number of educational platforms are now recording video to make sure students are the only — and actual — ones taking tests.

How does it work? Here’s how:

  • Video can record and verify the identity of the test-taker
  • Video can be recorded in the background while the test is being taken. Video can automatically detect if and when someone else enters the screen while the test is being taken. That way, once a flag is raised at a particular point in time, someone can review the video to ensure no foul play.
  • Video can be stored so if ever the veracity of a test-taker is challenged, video proof is on hand.

Ziggeo has seen the rise of customers using its video technology for proctoring exams and use in identification. For more information on Ziggeo’s video technology which easily integrates into any platform or app, see here.


Author: ZiggeoPublished on: 12/13/2018

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