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Six Ways Video Is Being Incorporated Into Recruitment

Want to add video as a feature for your job site? Job platforms are incorporating video APIs to facilitate candidate and employers recording videos.

Here are the different ways video is being employed (so to speak!):

  1. Candidates are recording video profiles as part of a database that can be reviewed by potential employers.
  2. Candidates are submitting video applications as they apply to particular jobs. Videos answer such questions as to why candidates believe they are the most qualified for the position.
  3. Hiring managers record videos introducing themselves, the company and the position to candidates. Data has shown employers who record videos receive 3 times the number of applications.
  4. Employers and employees exchange video messages.
  5. Employees at the company record video testimonials as to what it’s like to work at the company.
  6. Live video interviews are conducted (and recorded).

Know of other ways video is being incorporated into the hiring process?

Are you in charge of product for a recruitment site, job platform or company job board?

We’d love to hear from you so we can feature your own experiences with video.

Interesting Features

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