Integrating with Formsite

Have you needed a way to collect both textual data and multimedia – like video? Maybe wanted to do it in such way that you set it up quickly and easily?

With our integration to Formsite you can do just that. There are very few steps involved and quite easy as well. Once you go through your Formsite forms will include your Ziggeo recorder or a player.

The integration is designed to leave the link to the video once recorded. That way all of your submissions would have a link to the video with all other data you have collected.

Now we went a step further and also made the player leave “seen” keyword to be submitted once someone plays the video to the end.

This way you can tell if someone has recorded the video as well if someone played the video to the end.

Want to see more? Check out our Formsite integrations page to get more familiar with Formsite. Once there you will be told about steps on how to do it once you are ready.

Author: ZiggeoPublished on: 04/27/2020

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