Integrating with Formstack

What happens when you need to get some data received by people in different locations? What if that data can be complex so you need to get an easy way to condition what you actually need? On top of that what if you want to get some multimedia sent your way as well?

The answer to that is to use Ziggeo and a form builder. One such form builder would be Formstack.

Formstack offers you many features to help you collect and organize different types of data you might need. With our integration, that includes the multimedia captures and playback like recording, uploading and playback of video.

The integration is made to be very simple to add yet easy to fine tune if you ever wanted. We will help you get the videos submitted and also to know that someone seen the video you set to play back.

Want to know more about the integration? Check out our Formstack integration page.

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