Make Your Candidates Jump Through Hoops: It’s a Good Thing

It turns out that jumping through hoops is not necessarily a bad thing.  That is, if you’re an employer looking to narrow down your pool of candidates, setting up hoops can actually work for you.

I recently spoke with a contractor who had hundreds of applicants from CraigsList when she put out an ad for an office assistant.  She had little way of distinguishing one candidate’s application from another.

And then, when she sent out a link to candidates asking them to record themselves on video answering a few basic questions, fewer than 10 bothered to respond. It turned out to be a great way for her to discover who was serious about the job, who was able to follow directions, and who had the wherewithal to get the task done.

She ended up hiring one of the few who recorded a video on Ziggeo, and she said it was a great hire.  She explained she needed someone who had determination, follow through and the ability to independently overcome obstacles put before her.

So setting up hoops turns out to be a good thing after all.  Who knew!

Ziggeo lets you simply and easily record video interviews.  Candidates or interviewees record short videos of themselves for your own private viewing. Useful for screening job candidates, roommates, babysitters, and anyone on Craigslist.  Also useful for gathering media interviews and customer testimonials on video.



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