Welcoming Ziggeo’s Co-Founder, our own Mathematical Genius

I realize I’ve been remiss in not having formally welcomed Oliver Friedmann, Ziggeo’s Co-Founder, to the US (until recently he was based in Munich, Germany).    Oliver is not only a talented and lovely person (anyone who meets him can attest to that); he also happens to be a mathematical genius (no exaggeration).  He recently solved a mathematical problem that had remained unsolved for 50 years.  You can find out more about the problem Oliver solved here and also here.

In fact, even the government recognizes the importance of welcoming Oliver to the U.S.  After filing papers for an O-1 (Exceptional Person) Visa on a Monday, we learned he was approved for a 3 year visa on that Friday — just 4 days later!

Please join me in welcoming Oliver to the U.S.


Ziggeo lets employers easily screen candidates by watching their videos before agreeing to meet.   Candidates simply record short videos of themselves for employers’ own private viewing.

Author: ZiggeoPublished on: 07/10/2013

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