New Release of JS SDK (2.38.3)

We are happy to announce that our v2.38.3 has been released. For everyone using r38, this will automatically be updated to the latest sub revision.

This update addresses several bugs that have been reported by our customers. It also introduces something new and interesting.

BugFix: Covershot on pause

When our player was paused at the very beginning it would show poster / covershot instead of showing the frame from the video at that point. With this update, the player will always show the frame that you have paused on.

New Feature: Pick your own covershot

We hear you wanted to pick the covershot instead of having our system do it for you. With this new update you can do just that.

You can quickly start testing it out by adding pickcovershotframe to your embedding.

We will be releasing more info about this feature in our Monday update so be sure to read about it in our blog.

Can not wait? Need more info? Reach out to our support team and we would be happy to assist.