No Flash! Should you worry?

Adobe officially ended support for Flash on December 31st, 2020 and asked for companies and individuals to remove Adobe Flash from their systems.

How will this impact your Ziggeo installation?

Keeping inline with these changes, all our forthcoming versions starting with r37 will no longer support Adobe Flash. Removing support for Flash also means removing support for Internet Explorer for recording, as well as older versions of Edge.

The latest Edge (and few versions back) are based on Chromium which supports WebRTC system and as such we support it as well. You can check how to enable it here : /docs/sdks/javascript/browser-integration/header.

What do you need to do now if you are still using Internet Explorer or Edge with Flash?

All our versions up to (and including) r36 will still have support for Flash.

Our recommendation is that if some system is still using Internet Explorer or Edge with Flash, they should be fine using r36. They are likely isolated to some degree to what they can access / see and should be fine with r36 even as we release more versions of our system.

Current "stable" tag at the time of writing this at 1st of March 2021 is r35. While r36 limits you in such way that in future you might not have latest features available, the Internet Explorer requiring Flash would limit you in the same way.

If you do have an option we recommend to remove Flash and to use a newer browser.

For any additional questions on the subject please reach out to our support at