Proof of Success

Want concrete proof of Ziggeo’s success?  Check out these findings:

  1.  Ziggeo’s SaaS solution tripled revenue for Crowdrise.  This chart (originally generated by Crowdrise) shows that video updates using Ziggeo’s solution generated triple the dollar amount of campaigns that used only text updates — and double the amount of campaigns that used photo updates.

          In using Ziggeo’s SaaS solution, Crowdrise was able to create an easy way for campaign organizers to update their donors (via video) on a  campaigns progress.  The more personal and engaging experience for fans led to a dramatic increase in the total amount of money raised  by  campaigns that used video updates.

  1. Here are a few testimonials from customers about Ziggeo:

                •    Seth Godin (best-selling business author):  “this is an extraordinary way to get insight on a large number of people in a very short period of time.”  

                •    Fred Gray, SEO Manager at “Our customers were able to record and send us their videos at the touch of a button on mobile and desktop.  Ziggeo was a great solution.”  

                •    Andy Nguyen, Lead Engineer at Crowdrise: “You go above and beyond.  We were up and running in no time.  Ziggeo has great technology.”

  1. Patent-pending technology is clear demonstration of innovation.  This technology is designed to grant permissions through tokens in the most efficient way possible.  Here’s how it works:  This system lets customers set permissions to e.g. record and view videos vis a vis their own customers or community — without needing to communicate permissions to us.  This is a huge performance improvement over previous approaches.  


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