Ziggeo: A Critical Building Block for Businesses Building SaaS Solutions

Ziggeo’s SaaS video product is a critical building block for businesses building their own SaaS service.  Here’s why:

  • Video is an extremely complex (and time-consuming) component for any SaaS service to develop.  By being able to easily integrate Ziggeo’s technology — and not having to build one’s own — many SaaS platforms have been able to easily extend existing services —  or create entirely new businesses around Ziggeo’s SaaS offering.  So for instance:

                              •  Businesses have formed — or added to their current offering — in the recruitment space using video to capture candidate and employer videos

                             •  Dating businesses have formed around capturing video messages — or complemented their existing service by adding video messages.

                             • Security businesses have formed or added to their services using video to detect foul-play

                             • Training businesses have incorporated video as  its core feature or as a complement their existing business

  • Businesses can use Ziggeo’s SaaS solution without racking up developer costs that would otherwise be needed to develop its own video  solution.
  • Businesses don’t need to maintain video technology; Ziggeo handles maintenance and improvements so it remains compatable with new devices, browsers and technology

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