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Sports Platforms Turn to Video For Training

Sports platforms are increasingly turning to video for training purposes. Here are the different ways video is useful:

  • Record videos in training or at actual games so feedback can be given to players. Videos can be viewed remotely so feedback can be given by any coach, anywhere in the works — or played back in person together with the player.
  • Demo videos can be recorded and played that show best practices. It may be a coach giving specific feedback or that of other players demoing the correct positions.
  • Video messages can be recorded wishing players “good luck” — or congratulating then on a well-played game.
  • Surprise videos from sports idols can even be recorded and sent to players. Those particular videos can even be released publicly and posted on social media.

With Ziggeo’s technology, videos can be easily recorded on any mobile device without any downloading of apps required. And videos can be as private or public as you like.

Interesting Features

  1. DropBox Integration
  2. Audio Normalization
  3. Video Uploads
  4. Audio Normalization
  5. Edge Effect

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