Ziggeo is a Game-Changer in the HR/recruitment Space

Ziggeo’s video technology is transforming the recruitment space.  Bestselling business author Seth Godin commented: “Ziggeo is… an extraordinary way to get insight on a large number of people in a very short period of time.”  

Union Square Ventures that used Ziggeo’s video SaaS solution explained the benefits:

  1. Recorded video allows all candidates to in effect participate in a first round of interviews. Each candidate is asked the same question and is given the same amount of time to respond.
  2. Requiring candidates to record videos creates a barrier to entry that ensures only the most interested and motivated candidates apply.
  3. Given that oral presentations are a key component for the position, video tests how articulate a candidate is.
  4. Candidates see questions in advance and are able to rehearse answers. As such, partners can test commitment to preparation and presentation — both key components to the position.
  5. By watching just 20 seconds of a candidate’s video, partners can quickly determine if a candidate could be the right fit for the firm. And in-person interviews are reserved for the most promising candidates.
  6. Since partners can quickly vet videos, the decision-making process has become more collaborative. Rather than being screened out by an HR manager, partners are able to view each submission, with multiple partners viewing those flagged as being the most promising.

Andy Weissman, partner at USV explained: “”Video gives me so much more insight than a cover letter or resume.”


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