Ziggeo is Critical Building Block for Not For Profit and Educational SaaS Services

Ziggeo is a critical building block for not-for-profits and education platforms to build their own SaaS services for the benefit of everyone.  Here’s how:

Video is an extremely complex (and time-consuming) component for any SaaS service to develop.  By being able to easily integrate Ziggeo’s SaaS product — and not having to build one’s own — many not-for-profit and educational platforms have been able to easily and inexpensively extend existing services — or create entirely new businesses around Ziggeo’s SaaS offering.  Without Ziggeo, these services would not have been possible.

Most importantly, Ziggeo’s SaaS product can enable platforms and services to serve the under-represented, those who lack their own voice, and those who have been previously ignored.  

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