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Ziggeo the Superhero: Fights Hackers and Breaks Through Firewalls

Ziggeo is the technological equivalent of a superhoro.  It’s trained to fight hackers, break through firewalls, and deal with border restrictions. Here are the challenges we’ve faced — and overcome:

  •  One challenge we encountered is corporate firewalls, and how videos can be both recorded and streamed through them. We solved that  problem by automatically performing a series of network checks to determine the best ports, protocols and means of communication  to adjust to whichever settings will enable the date to flow through the corporate firewall. 
  • Another challenge we’ve overcome is to ensure that hackers can’t view videos without permission. We solved this problem by creating a patent-pending token-based system in which permission must granted on a per user and per video basis.  Other SaaS solutions have not developed a secure system for protecting videos.  Ours in fact is done on a programmatic basis which means that permission can be granted automatically.  
  • Another challenge we encountered is that EU privacy laws dictate that any data generated by European clients must stay within EU borders. As such, we built a separate SaaS solution for EU-based clients in which data stays entirely within the EU.
  • Finally, a challenge with all tech companies is reliability.  We ensure all data is backed up. We also make sure we are fully and automatically scalable by microservice-based architecture and CDNs. Finally, we’ve ensured we’re resilient against degraded performance of underlying cloud services.  As such, when AWS SQS was down, Ziggeo’s service remained unaffected.

All in a single bound.  

Interesting Features

  1. Device Info
  2. YouTube Integration
  3. Playlists
  4. Content Delivery Network
  5. Face Outline

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