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Best Video API at API World 2017

For the second year in a row, Ziggeo wins “Best Video API” at API World. Doing the Ziggeo dance!  🎉

OK, enough celebrating. On to new releases: Ziggeo integrated with Zapier, React Native, Airplay, and Chromecast — and added iOS SDK Streaming Recording.

And did we mention Ziggeo wins “Best Video API”? 😉







We ❤️ Zapier! It lets you integrate all your web applications — including, now, Ziggeo. How’s it useful? (thanks for asking). Any video that enters your, say, Dropbox (or wherever) can automatically be pushed to Ziggeo (or vice versa). Currently in beta, here’s a link to test it out. You’ll be Zapier for it. Let’s Do It

React Native

Use React Native to build a real mobile app indistinguishable from an app built with Objective-C or Java. Check out Ziggeo’s React Native library. That complements our Cordova / Phonegap Plugin and our native SDKs for iOS + Android. Read More

iOS SDK Streaming Recording

For faster video submissions, Ziggeo’s Objective-C SDK now supports streaming uploads of recordings. So video data uploads during recordings. Read More.


Videos can now be played on external Apple devices like Apple-TV. Just configure Ziggeo’s video player to include an AirPlay button. Simply click that button — and voila! — videos show up on your TV. Read More


Want videos on Ziggeo played on external Chromecast devices? No prob. Configure the video player to include a Chromecast button. Click it to show videos on TV. C’est magnifique! Read More


Watch Ziggeo’s previously recorded webinars or sign up for our upcoming webinar: Hosted Pages on Wed., Aug 16 at 11am ET


Interesting Features

  1. Box Integration
  2. Push Service
  3. Cartoon Effect
  4. Video Submission Form
  5. Dave-Hill Effect

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