Check out just few of the demos we have prepared for you

Video Profiles (avatars)

Most of the time you would see images used as avatars. Sometimes you would see GIFs as avatars instead. Did you know that processing many gifs is actually slower than processing same number of videos? Well if you are using GIFs or if you want to make the avatars or profiles stand out more, consider using Video as shown here.

Video Reviews

You have the right product, the right domain and everything is all perfect. Now the next step is to make that additional change that would make it all click and help you make more sales. We all know that the best way to do it is through reviews or testimonials. The best kind? Well the honest reviews captured as videos and shown right under your product. I know everyone wants a Keanu Reeves however all you need is to scroll just down under the sample product to see how your video reviews could look. Take a look at it all set up here.

Video Messages

Do you have an area in your website where people can communicate? They most likely asked you to add things like smileys into the same. There was probably some other feature they asked. If they did not ask about video be sure that they will definitely love it. Check out our very simple example of video messages to see what you could easily do as well. You would like it to be more advanced than the sample? That is quite easily possible, the above after all is just a 5 minute demo.

Your page with your video wall

Creating video walls is quite interesting way to show the videos to your audience. This helps you express your creativity as well as to show off video some cool videos. We have prepared a very simple way for you to do just that. Check it out how it looks and add your own using the code shown in this video wall demo.
Interested in other demos? Need help? For either of the two please reach out to our great support team at with your questions or details and we would be happy to assist you with the same.