Native Android SDK

Ziggeo's native Android SDK is the best video SDK out there for native video recording and playback with the ability to set recording time limits, background uploads and fine-grained permissions.

Ziggeo’s Android SDK is the best video recording/playback SDK out there. See below for details.

Native Video Recording

  • Find our Android SDK recorder here on GitHub.
  • Native video recording with our video SDK within any Android app
  • Users can upload their own videos as well
  • Recording time limits can be set
  • Re-recording can be configured within our Android SDK video recorder
  • Users can select their favorite cover shot after Android video recording
  • Background uploads for video SDKs

Native Video Playback

  • Android video player becomes component of app
  • Recorded videos can be configured to play back immediately on your phone
  • Fine-grained permissions for viewing of videos (allow only those with permission to view videos)
  • Lightning-fast worldwide Content Delivery Network

Background Uploads

  • Videos are uploaded in the background
  • Other features in the app can be used while videos are being uploaded
  • Results in more efficient use of time while on app


  • Try out our Android SDK 2.0 here on GitHub, including demo applications.

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